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The word “ethics” refers to the moral principles or values that enable us to do the right things.

In a broader sense, ethics include integrity, objectivity, professional competence, confidentiality, and professional behaviour.
In the context of “Business ethics,” the author has extensively examined key business processes in below Industries at the micro-level and identified potential activities that can adversely affect business performance.
1. Real Estate Industry
2 Manufacturing and Engineering Industries
3. Common to all Industries
The author plans to consolidate his learning in the form of several handbooks.

The 1st book was already published in June 2022 and is available on Amazon .com and It is titled "Ethics in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industry-Volume1- Architectural, Interior Design and MEP Services.

In Book 1, the classification of activities that can adversely impact business has been done/ done as per the below scheme.
  1. Quality of design or Quality of construction, Project costs, sales revenue or customer satisfaction.
  2. Statutory Compliance 
  3. Efficiency /effectiveness of the process performance.
The 2nd book has also been published on 6th Nov 2023 and is also available on and It is titled "Pofitabilty and Ethics -The key ingredients for business success." It is relevant for all types of Industries. 
In Book 2, a similar classification of activities that can adversely impact the business has been done as per the below scheme.

  1.Profitability or & sales revenue, & Costs, & Quality, & End customer satisfaction 

  2. Statutory Compliances and Corporate Governance 

  3. Delivery timelines, Efficiency or effectiveness of process performance

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