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Arvind Dang

Mechanical Engineer & MBA





New Delhi, Delhi

A Bit About Me

        Arvind Dang is a seasoned mechanical engineer holding a degree from the prestigious Delhi College of Engineering and a

       distinguished MBA graduate from the University Business School, Chandigarh, Punjab, India. With over four decades of hands-on

        industrial experience in India, Arvind is a highly regarded professional in the fields of Manufacturing, Engineering, and Real Estate 

        Professional Credentials: His impressive array of professional certifications underscores his commitment to excellence


  •  ISO 9001 Certification: Was awarded by Cranfield University, U.K., for his expertise in Quality Systems.
  • CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor): Was recognized by ISACA, U.S.A., attesting to his information
  • security and auditing proficiency.
  • BS7799 Certification: Was conferred by BSL, U.K., showcasing his proficiency in Information Security.
  • Export Management Certification: Earned from the prestigious I.I.F.T. in New Delhi, reflecting his proficiency
  • in international trade and export management
  • Leadership and Contributions: Throughout his career, Arvind Dang has actively contributed to the
  • professional community:
  • President of The Institute of Internal Auditors, Delhi Chapter: Arvind served as the President of this
  • esteemed organization, demonstrating his leadership in internal auditing and governance.
  • Governing Board Member of ISACA, Delhi: His role as a governing board member highlights his commitment
  • to information systems and cybersecurity.

Work Experience

Tractors, Vehicle  Manufacturing  – Aug 1978-Mar 2007

Materials management

  • Procurement of Bill of materials /components for tractors, trucks,  and Capital equipment

  • Effective inventory control and store management

  • Spare procurement and distribution to channel partners

  • Proficiency in import management

  • Reduce costs

Vendor Development and negotiations

  • Selection and management of vendors and service providers

  • Extensive negotiation experience with a wide range of vendors, including consultants

Global Imports

Managed import operations for timely material delivery of SKD, CKD, and Spare parts, enhancing production success and cost efficiency.

Logistics and Inventory Management

  • Efficient management of incoming stores and supply chain logistics optimisation.

Financial Acumen

  • Financial accounting expertise for manufacturing and sales/marketing.

  • Budgeting and MIS reporting

  • Finalization of technical collaboration agreements

Corporate Services Contributions

  • Negotiated and established collaboration agreements for Tractor technology import.

  • Extensive due diligence experience for M&A activities for Tractors and Engineering components 

  • Leadership in ERP-SAP sign-off for all business processes and functions

  • Strategic planning and management of outsourced manufacturing setups

  • Oversight of IT, software, and ERP systems

Internal Audit Excellence

  • Conducted comprehensive audits across multiple business units, including the following:

  • Financial: F&A, Budgets, Compliances,P&L,Balance sheet,Taxation, Finacial approvals

  • Commercial: Sales and marketing, Materials Management, Finance and accounts, International Business, Human resources, administration,

  • Technical: R&D, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Service Head Quarters, After-sale service at Channer partner, Energy,

  • Legal: Statutory Acts-each function, Secretarial, 

  • IT/Software: Backups, Network Security, ERP Modules, functionality, Access authorisation, Backups, DRP 

Real estate & hospitality industry -Mar 2007-Mar 2016

Materials management

  • Successfully managed material procurement and logistics for diverse projects, including Residential, Five-star Hotel, and Commercial developments.


Consultant and contractor selections

  • Proficiently negotiated and selected top-tier Architects, Interior Designers, MEP experts, and other techno-commercial consultants.

  • Led contract negotiations and selections for Civil, Interior Designing, MEP, and Hospitality services

Supply chain management

  • Efficiently procured materials for residential, commercial, and hotel projects, including BOQ and non-BOQ items.

  • Oversaw cost-effective marketing media buying and order execution

Collaboration and Corporate services

  • Negotiated and established collaboration agreements for Five-star Hotel services.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and Internal client satisfaction through corporate services support

Internal audit expertise

  • Oversite of internal audits (financial and commercial) for transparency and financial optimization


  • Developed and coordinated SOPs to standardize workflows and boost operational efficiency

Risk management and Insurance

  • Managed comprehensive insurance requirements, ensuring thorough coverage and risk mitigation

Community engagement

  • Served as an interface with Resident Welfare Associations, nurturing positive community relationships

Engineering Components Manufacturing Industry
May 1976-Aug 1978
  • Spearheaded R&D and New Product Development efforts, resulting in the successful introduction of a new product accepted by OEM customers and generating bulk orders

  • Played a pivotal role in prototype Manufacturing operations, collaborating with cross-functional teams to enhance efficiency

  • Maintained strict Quality Control standards for prototype development, testing, and submission to OEM, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and implementing corrective actions as needed

  • Excelled in After-Sale Service, addressing OEM customer inquiries and concerns promptly.

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