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                                                                      Handbook 2

       Profitability and Ethics-The KeIngredients for Business Success 


   This handbook is based on deep diving into 140 Business processes performed by Corporate Finance       Professionals in any Industry. It identifies activities in these processes that, if performed correctly,   will favourable impact on the following:

  •   Profitability or & sales revenue, & Costs, & Quality, & End customer satisfaction 

  •    Statutory Compliances and Corporate Governance 

  •    Delivery timelines, Efficiency or effectiveness of process performance

The handbook would be valuable to Corporate finance professionals, associated legal and secretarial professionals, Risk managers, Internal auditors, and CFOs in driving increased Profitability and enhanced Corporate Governance. Students pursuing CA /ICWA/ICS courses will also benefit from it.

   Highlights of the handbook

         Chapters included =15.
         Number of business Key business processes =140

         The number of business Activities estimated =963 

The list of 15 Chapters 


  • Identifying and Developing Competencies

  • Carrying out Performance Appraisal of F & A based on KPIs and KRA

  • Joint Ventures (JV)

  • Merger & Acquisition(M&A)

  • Treasury investments

  • Intangible assets

  • Equity build-up and dividend payments

  • Borrowings-Long term and short term

  • Role of CFO in pricing decisions

  • Conducting risk assessment in F & A function

  • Developing Financial Authority Manual

  • Standard Operating Systems (SOP)

  • Developing Budgets

  • Performing Internal Audits

  • Corporate Governance

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