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This page provides visitors with a great opportunity to learn about videos posted by this author from time to time and listen at per visitor's convenience.

i)One set of videos are primarily for professionals in  Corporate F&A functions and is relevant to any Industry. These are based on contents from my 2nd Book "Profitability and Ethics-The Key Ingredients for Business Success", and the book is available on Amazon.

ii)Another set of videos is primarily for architects, interior designers, and MEP designers. The contents are based on my 1st book "Ethics in the Real Estate and Hospitality sector-Volume 1, Architectural, Interior Design, and MEP Design Services".This book is available on Amazon 

iii) New videos will be uploaded periodically after these are posted on YouTube. 

The key ingredients for business success

This short video highlights key takeaways from my 2nd book (now available on Amazon) about Corporate finance and accounting that can help professionals enhance profitability and Ethics in business organisations.

Developing KPI for Finance  & accounts function

This video identifies  30 KPIs for the Finance & Accounts  function, lists 11 activities to develop KPIs, and includes 

 a template for capturing KPIs. 

Performance appraisal for F&A Professionals - using KRAs

This video highlights how to perform Performance appraisal for F&A Professionals - using KRAs(key result areas). It includes 11 activities to develop KPIs and suggests templates for A template for 30KPI’s for senior level (say General Manager) and operating level finance professionals.

Negotiation Aspects in a JV           

This video summarises 44 key Negotiation aspects in a JV comprising Technical= 8, Financial & commercial =13, Management & Control =8 and Legal = 15  

Ethical Processes in Architecture, Interior, and MEP Designs

In a typical building design function, about 545 prime design activities are performed (Architect=243, Interior =134, MEP=168 (assuming 26 technical packages). In addition, 273 supporting activities @91 per function are performed like KPI, budgeting, costing, risk management etc. This YT vlog gives an overview of a few activities, while details are in my book (Ethics in Real Estate and Hospitality industry-Volume 1), available on Amazon.The focus is on identifying activities that if not performed diligently, professionally & ethically, can have adverse impact on organisation.

Designing a robust structute for buildings 

   This blog highlights the following:

  i)Seven stages of designing

  ii)Proposing correct material specifications for TMT bars,    Cement, RMC mix, earthquake proofing, etc. 

  iii) Study of structural loads wind loads,

iv) )Building Quality using appropriate design software like   ETAB, STADD,

v) vetting design through independent proof designer.  

 vi)Providing structural certificate etc. 

  viii) Focus on costs and safety. 

   viii)Other Good design practices 


Designing a robust Architecture for buildings 

This blog highlights the following:

  i)Seven stages of designing a robust Architecture.

  ii)Aspects include optimizing FAR, meeting building codes, and appealing Plans and Elevations.

iii) Complying with statutory requirements, Aligned building components like plumbs,

iv) well-coordinated design with Interiors and MEP designs, and defects-free architecture

v) Optimum choice of materials, Bill of Quantities,

vi) Comprehensive tender in case of out-sourcing construction,

viii) Competitive  costs, beach-marked designs to meet customer needs

ix) Building quality in design by using appropriate softwares like  Auto CAD, 3D Studio max,Revit Architecture (BIM ) etc and following quality standards 


Developing  beautiful and robust Interior designs

This video summarises the following design aspects.

  i)Persuing nine(9) stages of interior design

ii) Designs  to accomplish the visions of: Fucntional spaces+ Colour schemes+ Design styles +Lighting


iii)Right choices of materials for Finishes for floorings, walls, ceilings .

iv) Right specifications for Furniture +Fixture  and  Equipments

v)Building Quality using appropriate design software like  Pro’s modeling suite Max, AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3D’s, SketchUp Photoshop

vi) optimising costs 

CFO's Role in pricing of Products in manufacturing and buildings in real estate industries

This video covers the following aspects 

1. Factors influencing Pricing decisions

·2.Financial Contribution -working methodology at the company level

·3.Financial Contribution -working methodology at the individual Product level

·4. Manufacturing variable costs -9 components in the Manufacturing Industry

·5. Marketing variable costs -12 components in the Manufacturing Industry

·6.Construction variable costs – 12 components in the real estate Industry

·7. Marketing variable costs - 12components in the real estate Industry

·8.Financial contribution applicability –other Industries where the model can be applied

·9.Way Forward

 10. Activities(including unethical) that can affect business adversely

Evaluating investment options -Debt vs Equity

This video includes the following aspects related to investment options.

1 List of parameters that guide the choice of Debt vs. Equity.

2. Evaluating parameters for choosing among MF options

3. Debt-based options to invest, estimated returns, and risks

4. Equity-based Options to invest, estimated returns, and risks

5. Hybrid-based options to invest, estimated returns, and risks

6. Activities(including unethical) that can affect business    adversely

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