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       Ethics in the Real Estate and Hospitality Industry-Volume 1
           Architectural, Interior Design, and MEP services

  This handbook is based on a comprehensive analysis of 91 business processes performed by design professionals in the real estate industry. It identifies activities in these processes that, if performed correctly, will enable significant improvements in the following.

         Quality of design and construction, project cost optimization, and customer-focused delivery.     

         Facilitate statutory compliances

         Increased efficiency in designing processes.

The handbook would be valuable to architects, interior designers, MEP engineers and project managers, internal auditors/risk managers, and CEOs in driving higher sales revenues, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Students pursuing careers in building design functions and Construction management functions would also benefit from this book.

       Highlights of the Handbook 1

   Chapters Included = 18

    The number of business Key business processes included =91. 

    The number of business Activities included  =818.



  • Designing the Architecture of Buildings

  • Interior designing function

  • Designing of MEP and engineering services

  • Statutory Acts and statutory obligations

  • Developing configuration tables

  • Developing Master data tables

  • Developing user traceability

  • Configuring audit trails

  • Designing and developing coding schemes

  • Conducting risk assessments

  • Assigning access rights

  • Designing and implementing document management system

  • Developing budgets

  • Developing MIS or Dashboard

  • Developing SOP

  • Developing financial authority manual

  • Identifying documents and manuals

  • Developing KPI’s

The list of 18 chapters

List of Annexures ,in addition to these in handbook:

Detailed Annexures are available in this zip file

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