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Competencies Matrix for Architects  -36 identified


With ever-increasing expectations of the customers for excellence, growing competition, and severe pricing pressures, the demands on building designers are undergoing significant changes.

From being perceived as merely technical persons, the owners and promoters of the real estate and hospitality industry expect designers to contribute significantly to help improve the business's profitability during the design conceptualization and actual development process. This necessitated designers to develop specific skills /competencies that would enable them to deliver all-around excellence. A few essential competencies that need to be acquired are compiled below for each package.

1. Technical competencies (12 numbers)

2. Commercial Competencies (5 numbers)

3. IT/Software competencies (5 numbers)

4.  Legal competencies (4 numbers)

5. Leadership competencies (10 numbers)




Technical Competencies

1 Basic knowledge of features (such as Physical characteristics, functional and performance parameters) of different parts /components of types of architectural buildings to be designed such as Hotels, Restaurants, hospitals, educational, residential, commercial, SEZ units, factories, offices complex, etc.

2 Requisite knowledge of best design practices applicable to Architecture function

And Core knowledge of types of Superstructures, Sub-structures, roofing, walls, floorings, and a variety of external development areas


3 The design process for different types of buildings, designing techniques, methods, stages of design development, etc 

4 Crucial knowledge of developing Coordinated architectural designs and drawings to make these 1st time right and without any conflicts with Interior design and MEP works, thus avoiding expensive reworks.

5 Working knowledge of construction methods e.g.

  • ·      Super structure-scaffolding, shuttering, roofing, etc

  • ·      External works-site preparation, roads, services

  • ·      Façade fabrication with Aluminium, UPVC, and Glasswork

  • ·      Hardscape-irrigation, drainage, Golf areas

  • ·      Softscape-Guying &planting, plants for landscape

  • ·      And so on for each package

6 In-depth technical knowledge of BOQ materials (such as TMT bars, Cement/RMC, Stones, Joinery materials, wood works, steel works, Glass works, Horticulture, etc) that are used in any package that forms part of a tender such as:

  • ·       Superstructure

  • ·       Architect

  • ·       Façade

  • ·       external development

  • ·       hardscape including waterworks

  • ·       softscape

  • ·       and so on 


7 Basic knowledge of modern designing methods techniques/software tools to enhance Architectural design efficiency


8 Vital knowledge of building design -quality in the design of Architecture works 


9 Basic knowledge of Construction methods


10 Basic knowledge Inspection methods of each BOQ material & package/building as a whole


11 Core Knowledge of Quality standards applicable to complete Architectural building and individual packages  

12 Necessary knowledge of Measuring Instruments used in/for:

  • ·      Surveying -Theodolite, Universal machine, Total station

  • Pipe & level locators, construction calculators

  • ·      Laboratory—Glassware, pipettes, moisture meter, density meter, autoclave, mixer,

  • ·      Metrology-height gauge precision levels, And so on

          Commercial Competencies

1 Rate and fee /commercial terms negotiation skills for procuring samples or consultancy works 


2 Cost estimation skills vis a vis each package such as Structure, Architecture, Façade, Landscape, and so on


3 Developing Budget Parameters


4 Ability to generate reports/MIS from software/ERP and analyze vis a vis Budget.


5 Evolving coding schemes for BOQ etc

             IT /software Competencies

1 Working Knowledge of various Design software solutions for core designing of each type of package such as below:

  • ·      STADD, ETAB,

  • ·      AutoCAD,

  • ·      Revit Architecture (BIM),

  • ·      3D Studio Max, Photoshop,

  • ·      Fenestra, Autodesk Revit,

  • ·      Idea spectrum Realtime landscape pro, NCH software dream plan, smart draw, and so on

2 Basic Knowledge of MS Office & preferably ERP also


3 Ability to conceptualize and develop structure & parameters for various master data tables like:

i)Drawings specifications -Packages in Civil works,  

 ii)Scope of work master -Civil works packages




4 Ability to conceptualize templates and provide Architectural related meaningful inputs to IT/ERP/software teams for digitalization of the following:

i)configuration & Master data tables

ii) configuration tables

iii)risk assessment templates

iv) Segregation of duties and access rights templates

v) coding schemes

vi) user traceability reports

vii) audit trail reports

viii) Budgets


x)SOP (Standard operating procedures)

xi) Design & drawings document management

xi) KPI (Key performance indicators)


5 Ability to generate important reports from databases /Dashboard related to Architecture function and analyze these for enhancing productivity and reduce cycle time for design & development

                          Legal  Competencies

1 Deep knowledge of technical aspects vis a vis relevant laws applicable to Architecture function such as below but not limited to:

  • ·      The RERA-real estate regulation & development act 2017

  • ·      The National Building Codes,2016

  • ·      The Forest Conservation Act,1980

  • ·      The Patent Act 1970

  • ·      The National Green Tribunal Act 2010

  • ·      The Central Goods and Services Tax Act 2017

And so on


2 Deep knowledge of local regulations related to Architecture function such as below but not limited to:


  • ·      Urban planning& development

  • ·      Town & country planning laws

  • ·      Applicable standards of GBC-Green Building Council

  • ·       Applicable standards of LEED (leadership in energy & environment)

3 Familiarity with relevant IS & International standards


4 Essential knowledge of Standards related to Health & Safety, vis a vis Architecture packages 


                                   Leadership  Competencies

1 Ethical frame of mind 

2 Team management

3 Team development and training

4 Empowerments 

5 Alignment with organization objectives

6 Quality of work

7 Efficiency and Effectiveness

8 Analytical

9 Change management

10 Benchmarking of competitor’s design features in various packages



More details can be found from my book available at as below.




The acquisition of competencies listed above in each design function can enable designers to play a more significant role in aligning with the organization’s objectives, thus playing an essential role in improving the organization's performance and enhancing profitability.

Architects,  therefore, need to do the following in their respective areas of responsibility.

1.         Continuous enhancement of the skills mentioned above in the competencies mentioned above

2.        Identifying and engaging high-quality, professionally qualified, and competent designers/consultants where in-house skills still need to be available or resources need to be more adequate.

3.        Finding and implementing best design practices, thus bringing excellence in their respective design processes and accomplishing the following:

  • ·      Enhancing the quality of designs

  • ·      Supporting improved quality of construction

  • ·      Reducing Project costs

  • ·      Increasing sales revenue

  • ·      Improving end-customer satisfaction index

  • ·      Complying with statutory conformances

  • ·      Accelerating design efficiency and design effectiveness


4.        Developing and implementing performance management systems (for designers) based on documented KPI-key performance indicators 



Handbook of the author 

In June 2022, the author launched a handbook titled “ETHICS in the real estate and hospitality industry, Volume 1- Architectural, Interior design, and MEP services “. Readers will find a comprehensive reflection of the above competencies in the contents of Chapter 1 






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